Volkswagen Bug from Vrba’s Parts on display at Colorado State University

Vrba’s Parts recently loaned a 1973 air-cooled Volkswagen Super Beetle to the art department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.  The bug is part of a current art series entitled, Flower Power.  One of the organizers of the series regularly drives by Vrba’s Parts and has seen all of their older model, air-cooled Volkswagen Bugs and Buses parked outside.  She called Brian, at Vrba’s and asked if a Bug could be loaned to the art department, painted and then displayed as part of the art exhibit.

After Brian removed all the door handles, trim and other hardware, the exhibit designer along with a crew of student artists hand painted the entire VW to fit the Flower Power theme.  The end result can be seen in the photos below.  Groovy huh?

The Flower Power exhibit will be on display through the month of July.  It’s located in the art gallery at the University Center for the Arts at 1400 Remington. Go and check out how CSU students turned a VW Bug from Vrba’s Parts into a funky work of art.

Flower Power VW Bug 1 Flower Power VW Bug 2 Flower Power VW Bug 3 Flower Power VW Bug 4 Flower Power VW Bug 5


















Vrba’s Parts VW air-cooled demonstration (repairs)

Brian demonstrates how to test run an air-cooled VW engine outside of the vehicle.  This is a very effective way to test for cracks in the engine case that cannot be seen once the engine is installed.  You can also quickly check for and repair any oil leaks.  Doing this while the engine is outside of the vehicle, will save you the hassle of installing the engine only to take it right back out because it leaks.  When Brian has a customer interested in a rebuilt VW engine, he also uses this method to demonstrate the quality of the engine to the customer before it gets installed into their Volkswagen.

Come to Fort Collins Colorado’s Vrba’s Parts for all your air-cooled Volkswagen needs.